Homey in Hunter: The Perfect Weekend Getaway

The Hunter Valley in New South Wales, Australia could be considered to be the Napa, California of the region. Known for great restaurants and even better wines, this destination spot is perfect for those looking for a romantic weekend getaway. Guests can tour all the local wineries and hear the history and technique that went into crafting their favourite blends. This beautiful spot is also amazing for strolling around and admiring the scenery, or sitting down for a lovely picnic lunch.

The locale is also a great spot for large gatherings like family trips, reunions, weddings and special evenings. Folks can wander around the downtown area and get lost in the weekend markets or some of the cute boutiques. Admirers and wine lovers have praised the area for being a new Napa Valley. There are over 40 local wineries in the area, so there’s no shortage of things to do. The only thing you have to plan is where to stay.

Where to Stay?

Several different companies offer accommodation packages in the Hunter Valley, each of which has its own unique feel. Guests can choose from a variety of locations and accommodation types including cabins, cottages and villas. There are also options to stay in resort living accommodations or large estates for larger parties. There is truly something for everyone, with each location having its own specific feel and charm. Some locations feature a cosy, romantic, rustic feel, which is a great choice for those looking for the quintessential romantic weekend getaway. Others have a more modern, chic touch, for those looking for a bit more glamour in the holiday plans.

Gardens accommodation

The Hunter Valley Gardens accommodation ranges from one to five or more bedrooms, so there is sure to be an option for any party. These larger, estate accommodations can house anywhere up to 30 people easily and comfortably.  All accommodations are fully furnished with the modern comforts of home, like air conditioning units and well-equipped kitchenettes complete with electric cooktops. The larger properties feature full-sized kitchens with all the necessary products you could possibly need to create lavish, delicious meals.

What to Do?

Within the gardens themselves, there are plenty of things to see, do and experience during your stay. Many different groups offer informative and exclusive wine tours, which feature knowledgeable guides and delicious tastings, all while learning about the region, its grapes and the process of making such delicious wine. If that doesn’t suit you, the restaurant scene, both within the valley and in the surrounding regions, features some first-class meals, sure to delight any palate. While you’re in town, you can also check out the impressive art galleries and wander around the local markets. For more active travellers, the vineyards are excellent for cycle rides or long walks, and the area is surrounded by gorgeous national parks.

Whether you’re coming up for the weekend with your significant other, or planning a large family gathering, the Hunter Valley is a great location to experience all the best delicacies that this region has to offer.