Going on a Golf Tour in Australia- Planning Your Trip

Australia is widely regarded as one of the most beautiful countries in the world. It offers the perfect combination between natural beauty and man-made finesse. Cities such as Melbourne, Perth, and Sydney are highly developed and are regularly ranked as some of the best places in the world to live in. However, millions of people visit Australia each year just to explore the country and to get close to the revered wildlife. Australia has managed to preserve its wildlife by enacting a series of strict laws.

Some of the world’s rarest animals and birds can be found only in Australia. If you are a fan of nature, this should be your preferred destination. On the other hand, people who love golf will also find Australia to be an excellent place to visit. There are plenty of different golf courses spread throughout the country that you can try out. Some of the world’s most prolific golfers can be seen practicing their shots on Australia’s courses during the summer.

Making a Group

If you want to go on a golf tour, the first thing you need to do is make a group. How many people are you going to take along with you? It’s best if you go with a group of friends that are just as enthusiastic about golfing as you. Most companies that offer travel packages generally provide discounts if you are coming in a larger group. If you don’t have any friends that are willing to go, you can post on different online forums to meet others that might be interested in going along with you.

Planning the Tour

Australian golf tours are generally arranged by private companies that facilitate travels and tours throughout Australia. They will create a customised tour package for you, which includes playing on some of the most popular courses throughout the country. Apart from giving you the chance to play on these courses, the company will also make accommodation arrangements. You can also opt for value added services such as spa tickets and resort packages to make your tour a huge success.

Ideally, golf tours can range anywhere between 10-15 days, depending on the time spent on each course. You should discuss these details with the tour guide and check out the itinerary before making a decision. If you are not satisfied with the itinerary, you can also ask them to customise the tour for your group.


Things to Carry

Even though it’s a golf tour, you don’t need to carry your whole bag of clubs along with you. These are regarded as some of the best golf courses in the world, so they will give you top-notch equipment on a rental basis. Rather than overloading yourself with a full bag of clubs and your personal belongings, it is best if you only carry a light bag including your essentials. You will be travelling around a lot during your trip, so it’s highly recommended that you pack as lightly as you can.